Trellis Strategies Announces Acquisition of Workforce Talent Educators Association


Round Rock, TX – Trellis Strategies, a leading strategic nonprofit research and consulting firm in postsecondary education, proudly announces the acquisition of Workforce Talent Educators Association (WTEA). This acquisition positions Trellis Strategies to continue addressing the dynamic challenges facing institutions of higher education and creates a unique opportunity for postsecondary partners to integrate industry voices for skill alignment.

“The acquisition of Workforce Talent Educators Association aligns with our vision of redefining the landscape of postsecondary education through more intentional engagement of industry and skill alignment,” said Trellis President and CEO Debra Chromy. ” By integrating WTEA’s proven methodologies and frameworks we are positioned to assist institutions in reviewing their academic offerings for industry alignment and are uniquely positioned to help institutions leaders think critically about how their programs serve modern learner needs.”

WTEA, known for innovation in skills-based quality assurance for higher education, has collaborated with Trellis Strategies over the past six months on various projects, including successful test cases with institutions across Texas. This collaboration has provided invaluable insights into educational program effectiveness and the evolving needs of learners.

As Trellis Strategies looks to the future, the WTEA’s Career Impact Audit and Skills Verified Assessment will be key drivers of the Trellis Strategies portfolio.  These products will allow institutional leaders to critically assess their academic programs, improve program and industry relations, and develop plans for improving student outcomes. This work expands the Trellis Strategies current portfolio that has served over 200 institutions of higher education over the past year by providing data-driven insights into student enrollment, success, and outcomes.

By building on the legacy of WTEA, Trellis Strategies is poised to continue providing resources to more closely align postsecondary education and industry with a goal of producing credentials of value for individuals across the country. 

About Trellis Strategies

As a leading strategic nonprofit research and consulting organization, Trellis Strategies is dedicated to advancing post-secondary education and strengthening workforce development. With over four decades of expertise, the team provides unparalleled insights into the modern learner experience, delivering scalable, tailored solutions that transform institutions and improve student outcomes. This commitment to enhancing educational policies and processes is aimed at fostering individual economic mobility and community prosperity.

About WTEA

The Workforce Talent Educators Association provides a new benchmark for quality in education: the job market success of graduates. We evaluate excellence in career-building education by focusing on assessment and outcomes, freeing institutions to find innovative educational models that serve the needs of learners and open underutilized talent pathways for employers.

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