Our Solutions

Some College, No Credential

Today, there are over 40 million individuals who have attended college but didn’t complete their credentials. At Trellis Strategies, we believe that closing this gap is key to restoring trust in postsecondary education, closing nationwide skills gaps, and unlocking human capital earned by learners. By intentionally engaging these individuals, we are empowering learners with the skills they need to succeed in the workforce.

Our Comprehensive Some College No Credential Solution includes:

Data-Driven Approach: We utilize various institutional data sources to identify individuals with some college experience but no credential. Our goal is ensuring no one is left behind and resources are targeted to those with the highest likelihood of engagement. Our process includes:

Identifying students that have paused their education and the reasons for the pause 

Develop an understanding of students who enrolled at other institutions 

Crafting solutions to target those with the highest likelihood of re-enrollment

Program Design: Re-engaging students back on campus requires intentionality. Trellis Strategies deploys an institutional assessment to identify opportunities to support students during the re-engagement process.

Multi-Channel Communication: Our expert contact center conducts outreach campaigns that leverage text messages, phone calls, and print mail to engage and encourage students to consider returning to college.

Trellis has years of experience helping colleges recover students with some college and no credential.  

  • For the 2022-23 academic year alone, Trellis reached out to 47,852 students on behalf of institutions with a reported 7.71% of students Trellis contacted re-enrolled at their institutions.
  • Trellis Research has conducted 29 studies to help institutions understand the causes and effects of stopping out of college.
  • Finally, Trellis provides enrollment management and customer service in higher education consulting and training to colleges to help them align administrative processes to student needs. Trellis has conducted over 600 consulting and training sessions related to these student success topics.