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Enhance Workforce Readiness with Trellis Strategies Skilled Verified

At Trellis Strategies, our Skills Verified designation enables educational programs to demonstrate their effectiveness in preparing students for the workforce through rigorous evaluation of three key areas:

  • Workforce Curricular Alignment
  • Program Design
  • Skill Assessment

Workforce Curricular Alignment

We verify that your program’s curriculum aligns with the skills and competencies required in the workplace. This involves assessing whether the curriculum specifies work-related skills that all students will acquire and whether these skills meet employer needs and legal requirements for employment.

Program Design

We assess how effectively program skills are mapped to mastery assessments, the structure of grading policies to promote skill mastery, and the safeguards in place to maintain academic honesty.

Skill Assessment

Effective assessment is crucial for skill attainment. We evaluate the final mastery assessments to ensure they are authentic, contextually accurate, rigorous, and reliable. This means assessments mirror real-world work environments and require problem-solving and decision-making skills like those needed in the workplace.

The Impact of Skills Verified

Programs awarded the Trellis Strategies Skilled Verified designation are recognized for their excellent workforce alignment and skill attainment. This designation provides verifiable evidence of educational quality to employers, prospective students, philanthropic organizations, and other stakeholders.

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