Introducing Trellis Strategies: Evolving the Student Experience for the Modern Learner

young female lecturer writing on white board in univercity class

Round Rock, TX – Trellis, an organization with over four decades of experience supporting higher education, is proud to announce the official launch of Trellis Strategies.

Trellis Strategies is a strategic research and consulting firm dedicated to advancing postsecondary education and strengthening the workforce by delivering unparalleled insights into the student experience. Leveraging its history of organizational excellence, Trellis Strategies seeks to serve open-access and under-resourced institutions of higher education, assist institutions in attracting and retaining modern learners, and provide alignment to industry needs.

“The journey to obtaining a higher education degree or credential is becoming increasingly less linear,” said Debra Chromy, Ed.D, President and CEO of Trellis. “By launching Trellis Strategies, we are well positioned to provide insights to help higher education and industry evolve at a time when it is needed the most.”

Trellis Strategies leverages extensive organizational research experience to help identify opportunities and provide scalable, tailored solutions for their partners. This data-driven approach assists institutions in strengthening the learner experience, increasing enrollment, and aligning outcomes with industry needs.

“Trellis Strategies provides leaders with actionable data,” said Bryan Ashton, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer of Trellis. “Our approach focuses on removing barriers in policy and processes, not constructing new ones.”

Trellis Strategies excels in supporting a wide range of educational institutions, with a particular focus on open access and under resourced institutions of higher education, making it a powerful ally for the broader education community. 

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