Our Solutions

Assuring Quality
in Career-Building Education

At Trellis Strategies, our Career Impact Audit allows programs to demonstrate excellence in preparing students for careers through the assessment of:

  • Workforce Outcomes
  • Quality Management Processes
  • Work-Ready Skill Attainment

The Career Impact Audit (CIA) assesses a program’s ability to prepare learners for success in the workplace. 

The CIA evaluates workforce outcomes, student and career services, and skill attainment measures. This comprehensive assessment helps programs understand possible gaps in critical workplace skills and how these may relate to graduate earnings. By identifying these gaps, the CIA provides actionable insights for continuous improvement and alignment with workforce needs, ensuring that educational programs are effectively equipping students for successful careers.

Our Approach

We focus on outcomes, recognizing that diverse learner populations and varying workforce demands require an equally diverse educational infrastructure. However, exceptional workforce outcomes for graduates remain constant.

We analyze program graduates’ performance in the workplace, examining indicators such as placement rates, starting salaries, employee satisfaction, and career progression.

We evaluate quality management policies and practices, focusing on the impact of student support and career services. This includes assessing the effectiveness of these services and their influence on student success and employer relationships.

We confirm curriculum alignment with employer needs by verifying that the knowledge, skills, and abilities taught match hiring managers’ expectations.

Evaluating Workforce Readiness

The CIA enables programs to evaluate graduate outcomes, student participation in career and support services, and skill attainment through the lens of workforce success and preparation. By identifying critical gaps between learning outcomes and essential workplace skills, as well as opportunities for student engagement, the CIA helps programs understand graduate outcomes in relation to workforce readiness. This comprehensive report points to opportunities for alignment and continuous improvement, ensuring that educational programs are effectively preparing students for successful careers.


A typical audit takes eight to twelve weeks, depending on stakeholder availability. 

Set a new standard for evaluating programs by measuring what truly counts for workforce success with Trellis Strategies Career Impact Audits.

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